Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are a highly regulated investment vehicle with concessional tax treatment that must be used for the sole purpose of providing retirement benefits to your members. They have become very popular with more than 500,000 SMSFs now operating for 1 million Australian members.

Why is Roberts & Morrow Superannuation (RMS)
the right choice?

Roberts & Morrow has the size & scale to offer not just specialist services but teams of specialist people across multiple disciplines. When it comes to SMSFs Roberts & Morrow has a long history of advising clients and has over the years developed dedicated teams of SMSF administrators & advisors.

On the administration side, a team of 6 staff are dedicated to the efficient processing and maintenance of SMSF records. Class Super, the leading software for administration of SMSFs, is used by the team for its highly efficient structure with bank & broker feeds streamlining data entry. Having live information feeding into the software allows ongoing Fund data processing by the team with the greatest efficiency and minimum cost.

The software also gives clients secure internet access to their Fund details showing everything from account transactions to detailed reporting of portfolio values, asset allocations & (un)realised capital gains. By enabling online access to reports as the Fund is processed throughout the year means SMSF trustees have the most current information at their fingertips to make investment decisions.

When it comes to SMSF advice and maximising your wealth creation opportunities, RMS stands apart in the industry with a team of highly qualified SMSF advisors covering every aspect needed to be properly advised on appropriate SMSF strategies.

Aside from having the expertise of a SMSF Association Specialist and CA SMSF Specialist, the team also comprises a highly experienced Tax Counsel, a Certified Financial Planner and two registered SMSF auditors. With combined experience of more than 130 years our specialist SMSF team has a breadth of experience allowing advice to be considered from every angle.

A self managed superannuation fund puts you in control of your future

Whilst ‘simpler super’ was introduced in 2007, the strategies for maximising member super benefits are more now than ever the domain for specialist advisers rather than advisers who also dabble in super. The RMS advisor team can take you through the myriad of strategies covering the whole super life cycle from how to maximise contributions going in, making the most of investment possibilities whilst accumulating benefits, and using the most effective strategies of paying benefits out. It’s also imperative to understand how super fits within your overall wealth strategy and be advised as to the interaction with your estate.

Why use Roberts & Morrow Superannuation?

We are personalised and proactive:

  • look at how to get you the best result for your circumstances;
  • assist in maximising your wealth creation;
  • are SMSF specialists, know SMSF’s inside and out and have the accounting / tax background to more than just administer your Fund;
  • deal with SMSF’s on a daily basis;
  • have a specialised team to handle all matters from administration to specialist tax advice;
  • have annual meeting to discuss issues and opportunities with you;
  • assist in all areas of the SMSF process from ways to minimise administration to discussing how your superannuation interacts with your estate.

  • set up your fund without limitations (other than legal ones) on who you assists you with investing or what you invest in.
  • provide you with internet access to your fund details that shows everything from your account transactions, capital gains reports to detailed portfolio value and asset allocations.
  • provide paper and electronic filing options
  • give you the option to meet via teleconference.




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