Meet Trevor and Claire

Trevor and Claire are in their mid 60’s and have three children with partners and grandchildren. They have lived successful careers as a professional and a teacher. They are very keen to be able to live in retirement without scrimping!

Where We Started

A couple of years out from retirement we worked with them to develop a retirement plan and since retirement they have indulged their passion for travel without compromising their living standards at home. Their main concerns were:

  • Will our money last?
  • How much can we spend?
  • Enjoying life!
  • Helping our children financially and with running the family farm
  • Inheritance – options for a recent inheritance
  • Making sure that their family would be cared for after they were gone

What We Did Together

We worked with Trevor and Claire:

  • Build a solid financial plan for retirement, which gave them peace of mind.
  • We significantly reduced the investment risk that they were taking to enable them to be much more certain about being financially secure in retirement.
  • We were able to reduce the amount of tax that they were paying.
  • We worked with their solicitor to update their wills and put power of attorney and enduring guardianship in place.
  • Helped to financially assist a grandson with by paying his school fees.
*This scenario is based on a real client situation, however names have been changed to protect privacy