Meet Tony and Samantha

Tony and Samantha are in their early 50’s and have three adult children; two of whom have left home. They have worked hard all of their lives to bring up their family and provide for their own retirement.

Where We Started

Tony and Samantha were very unsure whether they were on track to retire or when they in fact could afford to retire. They had questions about:

  • Funding their retirement – how much would they need to retire?
  • Downsizing to create a sea change
  • Wanting to fund travel and other hobbies including fishing and sport
  • Providing some assistance to their children
  • Becoming debt free

What We Did Together

What we did with Tony and Samantha was to:

  • Determined how much income needed to retire.
  • Looked at when would be the best time to sell their house and move somewhere more suited to their retirement needs.
  • Restructured their Superannuation and maximised their contributions to get them to retirement as soon as possible.
  • Arranged their finances to reduce tax and pay off their remaining mortgage to free up funds for travel, hobbies and family.
  • Provided them with options to purchase a new car.
  • Put a plan in place to guide them on the right path. Gave them peace of mind!
*This scenario is based on a real client situation, however names have been changed to protect privacy