Exclusive Small Business Event

How to get ahead of the disruption wave

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David Smith

David is a Sydney based key speaker with long standing and respected expertise in advising businesses on how to embrace technology & change.

Have you pondered what technology change might mean for your business and what you should do about it? Come with an open mind to consider the possibilities. Be prepared to examine how you do things when you return to your business. We will explore the opportunities in the future and the here and now.

Derek Repp

Putting it into practise

Derek Repp — Business Advisory

Derek leads the Business Advisory division at Roberts & Morrow with a passion for helping small businesses find efficiencies in new software and technology to help drive performance and prepare for the future. In this session Derek demonstrates with a simple case study, the process he goes through in identifying these opportunities.

Kylie Alcorn

The behaviour gap

Kylie Alcorn — Financial Planner

Emotion drives much of our decision making. Investment behaviour isn’t immune from this natural instinct, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Hear about strategies to harness your emotions to make better investment decisions.